BabiesNow! Foundation collaborates with nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies that assist need mothers/families and their babies. For example, diapers and wipes are given to the moms/babies under the following circumstances: attending parenting classes; participation in baby developmental research sessions; attending drug rehabilitation classes; learning how to take care of a newborn infant; attending GED classes; and taking baby to well-baby checkups and scheduled immunizations.



Grants in the form of diapers, wipes, and/or monetary grants are awarded bi-annually.  Potential partner organizations submit online application forms and explain how the diapers/wipes will be used as incentives to participate in that organization’s program.  In order to renew the grant application, the organization must submit a reporting form, which tells when the mom/family participated in the organization’s program or class, and how many diapers/wipes they received at that time.  Accountability is required.

Aurora Public Schools Young Parent Program

The Aurora Public Schools Young Parent Program provides support to students who are pregnant or parenting so that they can continue their educations.  Included in that support is an excellent child care center for the student’s children.  Diapers and wipes will be used in the child care, but also will be given out as incentives for good school attendance and for students to attend parent education meetings.

Boulder County Public Health GENESIS

Boulder County Public Health GENESIS is a voluntary case management program for pregnant and parenting teens. GENESIS will offer diapers when the mothers complete an Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) with their child.  This will allow referrals for further assistance (physical or speech therapy) if the ASQ identifies a concern.  Diapers will also be used to encourage attendance at other programs that will result in healthier and happier babies.

Children First of the Rockies

Children First of the Rockies provides building blocks for healthy families through educational opportunities, supportive services and resources in a safe and nurturing environment.  Diapers will be given to participants in the Young Mom’s group, which not only helps the babies, but also provides teen moms with parenting skills and increased access to community resources.

The Children’s Hospital:  Colorado Adolescent Maternity Program (CAMP)

CAMP helps young mothers become productive, healthy, nurturing parents.  Diapers will be used as motivation to attend clinic visits, participate in positive parenting behaviors, and attend infant care classes.  Diapers and wipes will also be used to encourage new fathers to participate in a “Boot Camp for New Dads.”

The Children’s Hospital Immunodeficiency Program (CHIP]

CHIP provides comprehensive medical care to women living with HIV who are pregnant.  Diapers provide incentives for the moms to attend childbirth education classes and newborn clinic visits.

Denver EFFECT (Entire Family-Focused Comprehensive Treatment Program)

Denver Human Services was awarded a grant to start the Denver EFFECT in 2007.  Its mandate is to collaborate across the child welfare, substance abuse treatment and the Department of Corrections systems to help families navigate through these difficult processes.  Denver EFFECT has been recognized as one of the top two of fifty-three grantees across the country by the Federal granting agency.  Diapers and wipes will be provided to those needy families who participate in treatment.

Developmental Pathways, Inc.

Developmental Pathways, Inc. provides early intervention for over 1500 families with children under the age of 3 who are experiencing a developmental delay.  Diapers and wipes are used to increase participation with home interventionists to families in extreme poverty.

Doctors Care

Doctors Care provides access to quality, affordable health care services to the medically underserved in South Metro Denver.  The Doctors Care Clinic is the medical home for low-income and uninsured children, youth and young adults.  Clinic staff will distribute diapers and wipes during wellness exams. The hope is that the diaper distribution will be an added incentive for the parents to remember and attend these appointments.  In one month, about 80 babies under age two come into the clinic for a well-check exam.

Florence Crittenton Services

Florence Crittenton Services of Colorado is a Denver-based nonprofit that empowers teen families to be productive members of the community. Diapers are used to supply diapers to the Baby Bucks program, which is an incentive program that rewards good attendance and academic achievement.

Growing Home

Growing Home, a non-profit organization in Westminster, houses the homeless, feeds families, and cares for children. Diapers and wipes are used with the Parents as Teachers program, which provides in-home visitation to at-risk and low-income families with children from birth to age three.

Laradon Hall Society for Exceptional Children and Adults

The Family, Infant and Toddler (FIT) Program provides diapers and wipes to families who are struggling to care for their children and are actively involved in their child’s therapy.

My Parenting Place

Parenting Place is a Family Resource Center whose mission is to relieve isolation, reduce the stress of parenting, and prevent child abuse and neglect by providing outreach, and a place where families can receive support, education, and develop a sense of community. Diapers are used as an incentive for families to complete the 14 week Incredible Years parenting program and the Cooking Matters program.

Safecare Colorado

SafeCare Colorado is a structured, evidence-based, in-home program that provides direct skill training in the areas of parenting, child safety and child health.  The Kempe Foundation for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect provides oversight.