Hi Mommas!

I cordially invite you to a very special birthday party. I know each and every one of you have experienced the cost of diapering your child - from newborn to whatever age they decide they're done with diapers, it's a constant cost.  How many have of you have made a late night run when you realize you used your last diaper right after dinner?! I know I have - and I've also been surprised by the cost of buying those diapers! It's not as if they are something you can live without - not if you want them to go places!

One thing I understand is how lucky I am to not have to truly consider the cost of diapers when we run out and have to replace.  For many in our community diapers bring stress and worry; diapers and wipes are not covered by Medicaid or Food Stamps. For the last several years I have been involved with an organization called BabiesNow! Foundation.  This organization provides diapers and wipes to families in need as incentive for different programs.  For example, with Florence Crittenton High School students can earn money to spend at their Baby Bucks store by attending classes, having their babies at their early childhood center, attending parenting classes, etc.  At their Baby Bucks store BabiesNow! Foundation supplies diapers and wipes for them to buy.  Doctor's Care is another organization we work with - bringing your child to a well baby visit will result in some diapers and wipes when you leave the appointment!

With the support that BabiesNow! Foundation has received over the last ten years we've been able to reach countless families and help them be sure their babies have clean bums!

I am sending you an invitation to help us celebrate our 10th birthday.  We will have an afternoon filled with fun, food, bowling, face painting and balloons!  I sincerely hope you'll be able to join us - this is a great family friendly event and we'd love to see your families!

Hope to see you there!

Liz Nichols

PS.  Feel free to pass the link along to anyone else you'd like to celebrate with us:

Our mission is to provide diapers and wipes to Denver-area nonprofit organizations to be used as incentives for families in need to participate in programs that benefit babies.


"Because of your generosity, our young patients and families will have the crucial supplies that they need. Again, thank you!" Read More >


Every $ helps change the life of a little one. Please Donate Now >


How do incentives matter?  Here are two examples:  A young mom is given an appointment reminder card, and told if she keeps her appointment, she will receive diapers for her baby.  Read More >



  • Diapers and wipes are not covered by food stamps and are in great need. Diapers cost at least $1 each day to keep baby clean and dry.

  • It is very challenging for families to keep their babies in clean diapers when they can barely pay for food, rent, and utilities.

  • Babies who wear wet and messy diapers for too long are subject to diaper rash and fuss and cry more.